The Copper Basin 300 needs volunteers to make this race work. It is a fun way to be part of a sled dog race and to get out in the dead of winter to experience some of the best sled dog racing in the world. There are three basic areas that need volunteers:

• Trail Breaking: Trail breakers go out throughout the winter and run the trail, clear debris, widen the trail, and stake the trail as time draws closer to the race. During the race, trail breakers go out ahead of the race breaking fresh snow as needed, marking reroutes as needed, and making sure the trail is open. The CB300 does have a trail boss. If you are interested in helping with trail work, please contact Jamey Kemp at (907) 707-9127.

• Race Central: Race Central is located at the American Legion Hall in downtown Glennallen. Race Central opens Friday prior to the race and is open 24 hours a day until the final musher crosses the finish line sometime Tuesday. On Friday race central handles all the paperwork for mushers entering the race. This includes shot records, food drops slips and registration forms. Race Central handles phone calls from the general public wanting information about the progress of the race, including specific mushers and their location. Reports received from checkpoints are carefully recorded. This information is then given to the website managers to enter onto the website. Race Central also handles all paperwork from the judges, vets and checkers/checkpoints after each checkpoint has closed down. If you are interested in volunteering for this years Copper Basin 300 please send us your name, contact information, and what you are interested in volunteering for. Please contact Jan Miller at (907) 259-4155.

• Checkpoints: There are a variety of other volunteer positions needed during the race. At the start of the race people are needed to help bring the dogteams up to the start line. You will not be driving the team, but will be holding onto the gangline with many other people. The sled will be attached to a snowmachine to help control the team. You do not need to have any prior experience with dogs or dogteams to help out. This position may require you to jog lightly as you bring a team to the start line. Aside from trailbreaking, this is the most physically demanding of the volunteer positions. If you are interesting volunteering at the checkpoints please contact Kari Rogers at (907) 259-3030.

Checkers are needed at each checkpoint. Checkpoints open ahead of the first musher arriving, and close after the last musher leaves. Each checkpoint is open a different length of time depending on its location in the race. Checkers check mandatory equipment as the mushers come in. Checkers usually work in pairs, one person marks the time and number of dogs on the timesheets, and has the musher sign his name, as the other checkpoint volunteer is checking the musher’s mandatory gear.

Mushers are also required to check out. Checkers will need to record the time the musher leaves and have them sign the timesheet. Checkers will be needed for all times of the day and night. Checkers also phone information from the checkpoint to Race Central. This information includes which musher has come and gone, as well as any musher that may have scratched. Anyone interested in volunteering at checkpoints will be given a thorough explanation prior to being sent out to a checkpoint.

Please email us via copperbasin300@gmail.com if you experience any issues with our website.