COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 virus and the potential impact of 100 or more non-residents coming into the Copper River Valley for the CB300 sled dog race., the CB 300 Board of Directors provides these mandates for all mushers, handlers and volunteers of the 2021 CB300 race. 

The CB 300 Board of Directors, in consultation with local medical experts to prepare for and minimize the risk of further introduction and spread of Covid-19 into the local community during the running of the 2021 CB 300 Sled Dog Race and for the protection of all race participants, has issued the following preventative measures and contingency plans: 

* If the CB300 Board of Directors cancels the race prior to the January 9th, 2021 race start due to increased local concerns for Covid-19, all teams registered at the time of cancellation will receive a full refund of their entry fee ($500.00). 

* Anyone traveling from outside the Copper River region must provide proof of a negative result from a Covid-19 test taken within 72 hours of travel to Glennallen.  There are 2 medical clinics in the area that will provide testing for those that have not obtained this test.

If you feel ill or are experiencing symptoms consistent with Covid-19 we urge you  not to travel to the Copper Basin region, even if you have a recent negative test.

* Any musher that has a positive COVID-19 test result within 3 weeks of the 2021CB300 race start will be given a full refund of their entry fee.  Or, a musher that has a positive test within 3 weeks of race start may make a driver substitution without fee, but must notify the CB300 Board of Directors as soon as possible.  The designated substitute driver must provide proof of Covid-19-free status, determined within 72 hours of race start.

* In an effort to limit person to person contact, the annual community meet and greet event will not be held, the general public will not be allowed to enter Race Central, checkpoints, or the finish line setting.

* The musher and handler meetings will be held at the designated time and location, but all participants will be required to wear masks.  Members of the general public will not be allowed into the meetings.

* The use of masks during all public gathering is strongly encouraged and recommended for all indoor settings.

* The traditional end of the race banquet and awards ceremony will not be held for the 2021 race.  All awards will be presented at the finish line.

* The CB300 race committee is exploring several options to limit the number of people in close proximity to each other, especially at checkpoints.  (ex. allowing mushers to rest in their trucks at checkpoints).  Each musher that signs up for the 2021 CB300 will receive these changes as we work to make the 2021 CB300 a safe and enjoyable race for everyone.

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